Bracken's puppies
Bracken is getting rounder and is slowing down!! She is  still anxious to go for a walk but with the heat she doesn't go as far.
I like my comforts!!
The "nursemaid" has settled in already!!!

I hope they come soon!!
Bracken had her puppies in the wee hours of Friday morning. She has 5 females and 3 males. All are doing well. The puppies are nursing well and gaining weight. Bracken is tired but going all her mother duties.
Bracken had just finished delivering her puppies. They are under a heat lamp which gives the strange colour.
Everyone is more settled.
The girls have a pink mark and the boys have a blue mark.
d2 prs(pink right shoulder) upside down! You can see the variety of colours.
d2 ph(pink head)
d2 bh(blue head)
d2 prs- very dark
d3 nursing.
Puppies are constantly moving and twitching. It is a sign of a healthy puppy.
Puppies find mum by using their nose. They can move quite quickly.
d5 prs catching flies!!
d5 bt on mum's leg!
d4 family. Click on pic to see video.
d5 family. They're growing!!
d5 pt.
b3d5. Getting full at the milk bar!! on pic to see video.
d5.prs and bb.
My grandcildren visited the puppies today. They all love animals and have been waiting for Bracken to have her puppies. They are very gentle and just want to kiss them!!
Carter giving a kiss!!
Hudson giving a kiss!
Ana enjoying a puppy. She was all smiles.
b3d7 clump!!
b3d7 prs
b3d7 bh
b3d8.  They are getting more active!
b3d8. Getting crowded!!
b3d8 All in a row!!
b3d8 All in a row!!
b3d8 Starting to sit!
b3d8 so comfy!!
d10 ph - eyes just opening
d10 bh - eyes just opening.
b3d11. Now I can see I want to explore!
b3d11. Very crowded!
b3d11. They are getting more active and noisier!!
b3d12.  They are really getting up on their legs.
b3d13. Their eyes are really open now.
b3d13. They are almost up on their legs.
b3d13. They are using their voices now!!
b3d14. They can hear!!
d15 moving around more.
d15 moving around more.
d15 moving around more.  They are starting to mouth each other.
d15 moving around more.
d17. Click on pic to see video.
d17. You can see them stating to play with each other.
d17.  They are investigating more. They are also using the paper. Some make it and some not quite!!
b3d19. They are getting quite steady on their legs and exploring the box.
b3d19. Bracken stands sometimes. The puppies have a hard time hanging on!!
b3d19. Having a good suck!!
b3d19. This is the first day outside the box in the play area. They weren't too sure but started exploring.
b3d19. I want out!!
d21 playing
d21 playing with a toy.
d21 playing with each other.
d21 bt playing with a toy.
d21 in the playarea.
d21 ph out cold!!
d22. First time outside!
d22, Bracken is under the pile!!
d22. Getting an extra snack!!
d22 first meal!! bh needs to learn some table manners!!
d23. They really enjoy their meal!!
in and out!!!!
Should I?!!
They like to explore now!
It's bigger than me!!

A new play structure!!
Investigating the sand!
Having play fights!!

Out for a run!!

My grandchildren enjoying the puppies and the puppies enjoying the grandchildren!!
Ana and her followers!!
Carter stayed with me for 5 days so had a lot of fun helping and playing with the puppies!!

Some have mastered the slide!!! Click on pic.
They love to play on the slide but don't always go down!

prs loves the slide!!

We had a photo shoot!!! Trying to get 8 puppies in a wagon all at once!!! Then we tried with mum as well!!! We had great fun. Here are some of the shots.
My son Mark brought my 3 grandchildren for the day. He took lots of puppy pics. He has a web site as he does photography as a hobby. He does weddings, babies, children, animals or whatever anyone wants.
PRS loving Carter up before she takes a bite of his ear!!! He loved it!!
I let Bracken out to see what would hppen. She has almost dried up. Of course they tried to nurse but Bracken wanted to play. She chased around with them following. She gave them a good work out!! It is hard to get a good focused shot as they are moving so fast!!
Bracken is in the tunnell!!!
The Bowls!! They love the bowls. BH got settled in one then others joined him!! They settled at the strangest angles!! PB and PLS chose other bowls!
bh and ph
bh and pt