One of my interests is Birdwatching and photographing them. I still have a lot to learn but I am getting better shots. I have several feeders and nest boxes around so I get quite a variety of birds visiting.
I often have Bluebirds sitting on our telephone wire and using the lawn as their grocery store! They usually nest along the road. This year they started investigating a Wren box. The hole is 1/4" smaller than they like. They were also sitting on my compound fence so I decided to move a box I had acroos the stream and put it on a post near the fence. Later that day they were invetigating the box and decided it was perfect!! The female has been very busy building her nest bringing grass, dead pine needles and the odd stick. One day she tried several times to get her material into the box but it wouldn't go!! She  kept trying. A Hairy woodpecker came close so both Bluebirds attacked it and she dropped her bundle!! So I don't know what she would have done! The male flies back and forth with her and often catches worms and eats them on a post. I thought - his wife is doing all the work and he looks after himself!! I take that back. I watched the female fly in with a beak full of pine needles. She landed on a wide post. The male flew in with her and landed on the next post. He had a worm in his beak. He made  a little noise, flew over to her post, she dropped her pine needles and he gave her the worm!!! It happened so quickly I couldn't get a pic. It was  so cute!!
Yellow Warbler nestbuilding.
I was being watched as I was watching a Catbird!!
White-Breasted Nuthatch
Catbird mewing!
Song Sparrow
Male Grossbeak
Female Grossbeak
I have feeders right outside my family room so I sit and watch all kinds of birds visiting it. I counted 16 different kinds within 1 hour!! Young are now coming with their parents. I am able to get some good close up photos.
House Wren
I have a Wren box near my pnd. The House Wren has nested in it for several years. She is back this year. She builds her nest with sticks!! I'm not sure how many babies she has but they are going back and forth with bugs!! As you will see they are just about ready to leave the nest.
Something wrong with this pic?!! It took her 5mins of trying and finally she got her head far eneough from the box so the stick was able to go in the hole!!
Tasty bugs!!!
Hurry up I'm sooo hungry!!
I'm not really grumpy!! I'm ready to get out of here and see the world!
Poop patrol!!