Brackenridge's Autumn Splendour
Autumn's mum
Brackenridge's Angelwing Jasmine
Autumn's dad
Sundowner de Ria Vela
Autumn was born on June 22 2012. From the start she was a go getter!! She was climbing out of a 4' x-pen at 7 weeks old!!! She went to live with Wayne and Janie as a foster "child". She comes back to me when they go away and for breeding and having her puppies. This way she gets to have a family to herself!!
She is totally spoilt! She loves to cuddle anywhere especially on the sofa. They have a cabin they go to quite often and she loves to run and enjoy the woods and swamp!! She plays with young children quite often and loves it. Her colour is on the darker side and she isn't a big girl.
Autumn- Mar. 2017